Staff Spotlight: Alejandra Camargo

Alejandra Camargo
Alejandra Camargo

Alejandra joined our volunteer staff in 2009 and has since given almost 100 hours of her time. As a member of the administrative staff, she has represented the Homestead during festival events and an off-site presentation, and has also worked her magic in the Museum Store. Read on to learn more about her and what makes her a fan of the Homestead!

Please tell us about your first visit to the Homestead.

My first time visiting the museum was with my fourth grade class, although it was several years ago, one thing that I remember the most was La Casa Nueva. It was (and still is) one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. I remember standing in the main hall and looking up at the ceiling and admiring the decorations of the house. I couldn’t believe how a house so old could still look so beautiful. It also made me wonder how much fun it would be to work at a museum. That day was also the day I started to become a fan of museums.

What caused you to begin volunteering here?

It was during winter break when decided that I wanted to do volunteer work within my community. I was searching online, when I came upon a website called and saw that the Homestead was seeking volunteers. I remembered my experience from when I went when I was little and thought this was a perfect opportunity to learn more about its history.

What are your favorite programs at the Homestead and why do they appeal to you?

My favorite programs would have to be Tickets to the Twenties and Living History Tours. Ticket to the Twenties would have to be my most favorite, because I love to see visitors come dressed up in their twenties outfits. Whether it is store-bought or handmade, it is always fascinating to see visitors dress up for the event. Living History Tours is another favorite of mine, because you get an idea of what sort of lifestyle the character lived by. It is fun to have visitors interact with the character and have them learn how different the lifestyle was before.

What keeps you volunteering at the Homestead?

Sharing the same interest with other people who also enjoy spending their free time volunteering or visiting the museum is what keeps me volunteering at the Homestead. It is always nice to meet people, whether they be volunteers or visitors. I look forward to having visitors come up to me and having them explain to me their experiences they’ve had from the museum. I also like to meet other volunteers and listen to their reasons on why they began volunteering. Being a part of the Homestead team has given me the opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.

Thank you, Alejandra, for your insights, and Public Programs Assistant Craig Chyrchel, for contributing this post! Learn more about the Homestead’s volunteer program by clicking here

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