Volunteer Spotlight: Liliana Barake

Liliana Barake
Liliana Barake

Liliana became a volunteer eleven months ago. She has already helped during four special tour weekends; our Victorian Fair and Ticket to the Twenties festivals; and the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo, accumulating more than fifty volunteer hours in the process. She is very outgoing and her enthusiasm is infectious, impacting both the public and the staff.


Please tell us about your first visit to the Homestead.

I was looking for a historical site where I could volunteer. I love the period from the 1850s through the 1920s. While visiting El Ranchito de Pio Pico in Whittier, I learned about the Homestead.

Since the Homestead covers the aforementioned period, I decided to pay a visit. After my first visit, I kept coming back for more.

What caused you to begin volunteering here?

I was still undecided which museum to volunteer at. I really liked the friendliness and professionalism shown by the paid/volunteer staff, and all the activities/lectures which were offered by the Homestead.

I knew this was the place but I just needed a little push. So, Ann Salvador did just that. She gave me a BIG push.

I brought my friend for a regular tour one day. Ann was our docent. Our tour only consisted of my friend and I. To be honest, I LOVE this kind of tour. It is more personal, and one can ask tons of questions.

I started talking with Ann about my passion for local history and desire to volunteer. She strongly encouraged me to apply. At the end of the tour as I was walking toward the parking lot, she followed me and gave me a volunteer application. I guess she was not going to allow me to go home without it.

What are your favorite programs at the Homestead and why do they appeal to you?

The lectures are one my favorite programs. Where we came from is as important as where we are today. I love learning how the past has helped us get to where we are today.

I love the Victorian Fair and Ticket to the Twenties festivals. One has the opportunity to go back in time and enjoy these events like it was done back then.

How would you describe the Homestead to someone who has never visited the site?

It is like a General Store where one can find a little of everything: lectures, festivals, workshops, docent-led tours, school programs, picnic area, beautiful grounds, etc.

It is indeed a gem in the heart of City of Industry. A gem that gives us a glimpse to the past; a past that shaped our future.

What keeps you volunteering at the Homestead?

The staff is great! Their passion for history and friendliness. Their support for continuous learning. It never gets boring, it only gets better.

Thank you, Public Programs Assistant Craig Chyrchel for contributing this post!

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