Museum Director Musings: Giving Thanks!

by Paul R. Spitzzeri

Being thankful for working at a beautifully maintained, succesfully operated, and highly regarded museum like the Homestead is especially noteworthy on Thanksgiving.  This is a scene from the museum’s “Ticket to the Twenties” event from early October.

Thanksgiving is obviously a time to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives, so I want to take the opportunity to do this with respect to the Homestead.

First, I am thankful to have had the very rare opportunity to spend my entire working career at the museum and to have enjoyed so much of it.  We’re talking almost thirty years!

Second, I am thankful that the City of Industry has provided the financial and other support it has so that the Homestead can be the success that it is.

Next, I am thankful to have a group of colleagues that work so well together and contribute so many diverse skills and talents to the work that we collectively do.

I am also thankful to the dozens and dozens of dedicated and devoted volunteers who give freely of their time to help the museum serve the public in so many ways.

Then, I am thankful to the thousands and thousands of visitors who enjoy our varied programs and provide their support for what we do in coming to our events, tours, workshops and other offerings.

Finally, I am thankful that the history of greater Los Angeles and of the Workman and Temple families provides so many possibilities for understanding our past, comparing and contrasting that history to our lives now, and seeing how this can help prepare for the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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