Time Capsule Tuesday: City of Industry 60th Anniversary Art Contest Elementary Level Winner Arthur Lin

by Paul R. Spitzzeri

As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the City of Industry’s incorporation, which took place on 18 June 1957, the City sponsored an art contest for local elementary, junior high and high school students in the Rowland, Bassett and Hacienda-La Puente school districts.  The theme was what the City would look like in 2057 during its centennial year.

Lin art contest winner
Arthur Lin’s winning entry for the elementary school level in the City of Industry’s 60th Anniversary Art Contest.  Arthur just completed his 3rd grade year at Wedgeworth Elementary in Hacienda Heights.

Out of a few dozen entries, three in each level were selected as the best in their category (with the high school winner receiving $1000 and those at the junior high and elementary levels receiving $500) by a committee that included community leaders and city officials, who had the difficult, but fun, task to select the best submissions.

I had the pleasure and honor to serve on the committee and help organize and judge the contest.  All of the entrants are to be applauded for taking the time out of their busy school schedules to use their creativity to submit their works of art.  Today’s “Time Capsule Tuesday” post looks at the winner of the elementary level:  Arthur Lin.

Arthur Lin detail
A detail of Arthur’s entry showing the City logo, environmentally responsible housing, and a monorail system, with a robot technician in the background to boot.

Arthur, who just completed the third grade at Wedgeworth Elementary in Hacienda Heights, submitted a diorama that represents, as so many of the entries did, what technology and innovation can do for the future of the City.

Specifically, Arthur’s project shows the City’s logo amid green grass and trees and surrounded by housing and a biotech industrial park that utilizes environmentally responsible elements.  Also depicted are wind turbines and solar panels for cleaner power generation, a monorail to show what another level of public transit could involve, and robot workers.

Arthur Lin solar panels
Arthur’s depiction of solar panels (and part of a robot technician) on his project.

Last Friday evening, during the “Taste of the Town” event, held at the Industry Hills Expo Center to celebrate the city’s anniversary, the art contest’s winners were honored during a ceremony at the event’s main stage.

Arthur Lin wind turbines
Wind turbines join the solar farm as clean sources of energy in the City of 2057.

Unfortunately, Arthur could not be there because he was on vacation with his family, but he was represented by his school’s principal, Dr. Paulina Cho.  Impressively, Arthur chose to donate his $500 prize money to his school, showing an admirable level of school and community spirit!

Next week, “Time Capsule Tuesday” spotlights the junior high level winner of the art contest, so check back a week from today!

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