Volunteer Spotlight: Bernardo Arteaga

by Steven Dugan

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight focuses on one of our newest volunteers, Bernardo Arteaga. Bernardo joined the staff in early 2017 and did his share of administrative duties, working festivals, and covering phones from time to time. It wasn’t until he approached us with an idea of an internship that we were introduced to more of his talents. We asked Bernardo to share a little bit about himself, his interests, and his career goals.

Bernardo photo

How did you find the Homestead Museum and what made you want to volunteer here?

I had been to the museum for a field trip when I was in elementary school, and since then I was aware it existed but I never paid much attention to it. It was when I was looking for local events I saw the Victorian Fair [advertised] and saw volunteer opportunities.  It wasn’t until a long time afterwards when I decided to finally start volunteering.

What field(s) in history interest you the most and why?

I would say American political history is the main reason why I enjoy history so much.  I enjoy understanding how laws or political movements came to be and how they changed through time. I especially enjoy learning about the unintended consequences that tend to occur in our political history.

In addition to serving as a volunteer, you also had a six-month internship at the museum. What was the most rewarding part of your internship?

I have always worried about public speaking and by doing Journey through Time (the Homestead’s fourth grade tour) I feel I have gained some confidence in public speaking. I also enjoyed getting to know everyone on staff; they were very supportive which made the experience all the better.

What other hobbies help you pass the time?

I listen to a lot of podcasts about historical facts. I also dabble in computer programming. As with many hobbies, when I start programming I tend to sink hours into it by trying to fix mistakes and finding alternative methods. My big stress relievers are playing videos games for fun and going hiking.

What are your future career plans?

Since I had such a positive experience interning at the Homestead, I would like to find some career path that would lead me to a historical museum. If not, a small goal of mine has always been to work within the public service or non-profit sector, so I can serve my local community or the greater community in general.


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