Staff Spotlight: Liliana Martinez

Liliana Martinez made the leap from volunteer to paid staff member at the Homestead Museum this week when she assumed the position of Programs Assistant. A volunteer at the Homestead since 2016, Liliana has a B.A. in history from Cal State Fullerton along with a single subject teaching credential in social science. She’s ready to put her experience in the classroom and as a volunteer to use executing a variety of school programs and reviewing existing curriculum. Liliana will be working closely with the Homestead’s volunteer staff and is eager to get to know them better. Welcome to a new chapter, Liliana!

What inspired you to apply for the Programs Assistant position?

I was inspired to apply for the Programs Assistant position because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get more involved with the Homestead Museum. There were many aspects of the job that I found very intriguing such as interacting with volunteers and participating in youth programs.

How do you think your background in education will come in hand at the museum?

As a teacher, I was able to put my skills to the test. For instance, I had to be able to multitask and communicate with various students and staff members. I believe these are skills that are very transferable to the position of Programs Assistant and that will help me in challenges I may face.

Liliana spotlight

Why do you love history?

I recall coming to the Homestead Museum as a fourth grader on the Journey Through Time tour. As my classmates and I walked under the grape arbor, I found it very magical to be able to go back in time and learn stories about people that are no longer here. So, I love history because of the storytelling. Furthermore, it is an imperative and relatable subject.

What are you most looking forward to as you join the paid staff?

I was a volunteer at the Homestead Museum for two years. I enjoyed getting to know other volunteers at the museum and I look forward to continuing to interact with them. I also look forward to meeting other volunteers. In addition, I am excited about getting to participate in different programs at the museum.

How can history museums better engage students?

History museums can better engage students by allowing students to participate in interactive activities. As a museum teacher and student teacher, I found that students enjoy participating in hands on activities because they get to work with their classmates and because it makes history more real to them.

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