Volunteer Spotlight: Liam Del Banco

by Steven Dugan

Our Staff Spotlight for June is Liam Del Banco, who joined the volunteer staff in 2019. Liam is finishing his sophomore year at International Polytechnic High School (IPoly High School). IPoly High is a project-based learning high school, run by the Los Angeles County Office of Education and located on the campus of California State University, Pomona, better known to locals as Cal Poly. After graduating, Liam plans on “exploring more into history in college,” and I’m sure he’ll be invited to explore many other fields of study before his college days are finished. We asked Liam to tell us a little about himself and share his experiences so far while at the Museum.

Liam is fantastic at encouraging visitors to play games at events.

Had you ever visited the Museum before? How did you hear about our volunteer program?

Before I started volunteering here, no, I had not been to the Museum before. I learned about the volunteer program by finding the website while looking for volunteer locations with my family, it stuck out and I wanted to explore it.

What made you decide to volunteer at the Museum?

I enjoy history in school, so finding a museum I could volunteer at seemed like a very interesting and fun experience.

What events have you worked? What did you think about them?

My first event I worked was the “Victorian Fair of the Far West” in April 2019. As well as other events like “Ticket to the Twenties,” “Sorrowful Soiree,” and “Flirting with History.” I participated in the “Behind-the-Scenes Tours” on March 8, 2020 (about ten days before the quarantine began). I had a great time at all the events, as they are a fun little change to the Museum’s schedule that always has something interesting. My favorite event would most likely be the “Behind-the-Scenes Tours,” because it was the first tour I got to assist.

Why do you think history is important?

I think history is important because it allows an insight into the things that have really shaped our world and society. Whether they are interesting events that have happened, or interesting facts you learn, history can give us a better understanding of our world today.

Do you enjoy visiting other museums or historic sites? What are some of your favorite sites to visit?

Yes, I have always enjoyed school trips or vacations that end up making stops at museums/historic sites and allowing me to see cool and interesting facts. One of my favorite trips would be my School DC/New York Trip, where we visited places like Gettysburg. It was really exciting as we got to explore in person things we had learned in class.

Do you have any other hobbies?

While my hobbies do entail activities like playing video games (like Pokemon), I also enjoy story analysis from books and other media like movies, shows, or even video games. I love to explore a story at times and find fun takeaways in it.


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